Deposit or Loan

  We accept deposits from persons over the age of 18. Citizens of the Russian Federation are not served.

We issue a loan to persons over the age of 18, requirements for the borrower:
Not a citizen of the Russian Federation
Having a good credit history, for a loan
of 50,000 USD.
A guarantor is required (the guarantor has an account with Karat Bank), the guarantor’s account is contaminated for the loan period.
The pledge is a car from 2018, not the Russian automotive industry.
We issue a loan for tuition fees (Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus), for business, for repayment of a loan in any bank of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, for the purchase of a car, apartment, house .


Loan amount$ ​from 1000$ ​from 10 000$ ​from 100 000
Term in monthsup to 6 monthsup to 36 monthsup to 60 months
Interest rate5%4%3%
Early repaymentnoyesyes
Repayment with crypto currency      


Deposit amount$ ​up to 1000$ ​up to 10 000$ ​up to 500 000
Term in monthsfrom 60 daysfrom 12 monthsindefinitely
Interest rate15 %17 %20%
Early withdrawalnoyesyes
+5% for 60 days      

A shopping card.

The card is issued to depositors whose deposit is from 50,000 euros.

Access to funds 24/24;

A wide network of branches, agencies, ATMs, round-the-clock zones.

The bank takes over the card service completely, without a subscription fee.

There is no commission when withdrawing, transferring, or crediting funds.

The card was issued under the auspices of the VISA payment system, 5% is credited to the card at the end of the month from the amount spent.

+ 15% is credited to the card after 12 months from the date of use for the amount spent.

It works in all countries, at any ATMs. Online Banking is issued only to the bank’s customers.