For Students

We pay for your training, you work in our system, programming, alternative energy, bio-technology, nano-technology, farming, construction.
Loan rate for students 0.5% per annum, for training in state institutions, universities,
countries: Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria.


 ​Tuition credit 0.5% per annum. Up to 11,000 USD are available for tuition.


We need young specialists to solve innovative projects.


Only for our employees, to buy a house, apartment, the lowest credit.

In 2022 we are building a cottage village for our employees, a total of 60 single-story houses, 80 square meters of living space, and 20 guest houses for employees.
A private school, a private kindergarten, and a sports and entertainment center will be built in our camp just for employees’ children. 

The greenhouses are supervised by botanical students, who also receive on-site training. The greenhouses are heated by solar energy as well as by mining farms in shipping containers.

our principles

We don’t employ people who believe in god, smoke, take drugs. We rely only on our own strength, science, and mutual help. The future is a sober society. 

we strive for independence 

We provide our own electricity and water, we have our own sewage and wastewater treatment system.
Solar power plant at 2 megawatts, wind generators at 4 megawatts, biogas plants that run on manure from our farms.

our choice Moldova

We chose Moldova for our project for a number of favorable reasons. We did not even consider the option in russia, ukraine and belarus, as the constitution and laws do not work in these countries, especially in russia.


Our town is under construction, construction students are required to work, the wage is $4 an hour.
Work day 8 hours, 5 days a week, accommodation and meals free of charge.

Greenhouses and greenhouses

Taking care of the plants, harvesting, getting hybrid new varieties, working in the laboratory, conducting experiments on new varieties.

Alternative energy

Maintenance of solar panels, wind turbines, collection and upgrade of existing samples. Our city uses only the electricity we get from the sun and wind.

Medical Students

We are looking for a dentist, a surgeon, a nurse to work in our medical facility, we will teach you how to work on GE Signa HDxT 3.0T MRI equipment. Pediatrician, female doctor (gynecologist), neurologist, podiatrist, psychotherapist, etc.

Internet Network Engineers

Completely build a new local Internet network, connecting all homes and institutions to the Internet and a unified local area network. Service to all residents of the city.


Farming is very important these days, own meat, milk, butter, sour cream, cream and more, hides, manure for the biogas plant. We need a vet, and workers on the farm, the farm is fully automatic.

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Karat Bank does not issue loans and does not accept deposits on the territory of the Russian Federation.