Karat Bank is a family bank that offers deposits, loans and various other financial services.

The bank was founded in Moldova in 2019, but also has branches in Ukraine and Belarus. Karat Bank is a new generation banking solution that does not require paper money or the use of third-party payment systems. The company aims to provide its customers with a wide range of easy-to-use financial services using blockchain technology and digital currency.

The bank has created its own cryptocurrency called KaratBankStore, which can be used as a means of deposits, as well as for operations within the Karat Banking System.

KaratBankStore is the first digital currency to appear in Moldova, and one of the first three cryptocurrencies in this country (the other two are bitcoin and Ethereum). The bank itself is also one of the first banks in Moldova to use blockchain technology to manage its activities.

Investing in cryptocurrency without risks: Karat Bank is a cryptocurrency bank that allows you to make deposits and receive interest on your cryptocurrencies without the risk of confiscation of funds and without money transfers. Just put your coins in Karat Bank and get interest on your balance.

Earn on cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can lead to financial losses.

All coins have been transferred to the exchange MintMe.com

All customers with KaratBankStore coins are automatically transferred to the exchange MintMe.com
Anyone who does not agree can sell coins to the bank.
At the end of 2021, all coins remaining on the Waves.exchange exchange will be burned.

We invest in Alternative and renewable energy in Moldova, as well as for the development of IT infrastructure in the fields of green energy, the creation of greenhouses using alternative mutually renewable energy.

Green Farm — is engaged in breeding exotic seedlings, flowers, seedlings.
 Shop «Noskoff» — only the best quality, pure cotton, there is handmade (copyright).
The community of programmers of Moldova is the creation and development of self-learning neuro bots, the creation of an intelligent self-learning neural network.
JSC «Medicines of Moldova» — the production of medicines from medicinal herbs
LLC RUSSAL — Own production of sweets, dietary supplements, medicines.
LLC Legal Expert — Legal and attorney services.


Working with clients Moldova, Ukraine. Specialist in the field of banking cyber security.


Karataev Vladislav
The founder of the bank.


Working with clients Belarus.
Specialist in the fields of programming and creation of secure banking programs.

Jasmine Shvelina.
Work with clients Moldova (Romania)

Karat Bank does not issue loans and does not accept deposits on the territory of the Russian Federation.